Engraving letters over shapes

I want to engrave letters over a shape so I can put cut out letters on top of it but it skips the overlap parts. I turned on “remove overlapping lines” and it didn’t change anything. I un-grouped everything and tried to select the lines I want to remove and it still selected the entire shape.

This will likely help:

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Alternatively (over the offset / subtraction approach that Oz linked a video to), if you are just wanting to make sure it doesn’t skip the overlapping parts (sounding like you are going to adhere cut out lettering on top three dimensional) , you can do one of these two options:

1. Weld the heart and overlapping text together:

I_Do_Love_You_Welded.lbrn (89.8 KB)

2. Set the two engraved layers on separate layers (but note this will double engrave the overlapping area):

I_Do_Love_You_Layered.lbrn (66.3 KB)

Thanks for the help. That’s exactly what I was wanting to do. I’m going to go with the weld method, but I’m definitely going to use that video for a project.

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