Engraving on Aluminium

Hi everyone. I’m using Lightburn software with Neje Master 2S 20 Diode engraver. My Neje is mounted onto a wooden base with Aluminium plate on the surface. Can anyone advice what setting I have to make to enable engraving the 170 x 170 mm engraving area. i have tried many ways but i don’t seem to work. Thank you

In my case I bought a piece of 1/32 steel and put on two coats of flat white spray paint and one coat of flat black. That left behind white grid lines which were very visible against the black topcoat. I used steel so that I could put magnets on my 3D printed tile template and it stays where I put it. I’ve also heard about folks using Rust-oleum cold galvanizing spray paint, but I haven’t tried it yet. I believe it’s a similar process to the NWT method, spray it on…laser it…remove the residual paint and it leaves a permanent mark. I would suggest doing some research on it instead of taking my word. I’m going to be trying it on some unpainted tumblers.

Thank you Paul for your reply. Will try it out.

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