Engraving quality, additional visable stripes

I use the latest Lightburn 9.0.2 with a chinese laser 60x90 (MKS controller). I wanted to make a edge lit plate and used some engraving on acrylic. As you can see on the picture i see extra ‘lines’ in the engraving, every ~6mm you see a horizontal line (I cut it rotated 90 degrees ) .
I engraved before on wood this was not visable.
Lasersettings I used : speed 200/ power 20% (80W laser)

What is causing this lines? Hardware or software? What could i do to remove these lines.

If you need extra information let me know.

Are the lines along the direction of the scan, or perpendicular to it?

Direction of the scan. The image/photo is rotated 90 degrees

Check that your belts and Y axis motion parts are clear of debris and moving smoothly. For something that regular it’s not a missed step, but could be something sticking in the Y axis.

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I will check this tomorrow, thanks sofar.