Engraving raised text with clean edges similar to rubber stamp

hello all, Im trying to engrave raised text similar to a rubber stamp but in acrylic. How do I create the draft angles on the edges of the letters? im sure its in the power and feed settings,. Anyone has any help I would really appreciate it.

80W Chinese red/blk

Use the ‘Ramp Length’ value in the Fill settings:

And if you enable the ‘Shade according to power’ toggle in the preview, you’ll be able to see the ramp:

Oz I really appreciate your knowledge of lightburn. Im new at this program and Im trying to follow you but my cut editor does not give me an option for ramp…? I have LB 0.9.09?
and im trying to figure out how to share a screen shot

would ramp option not be available on the trial version?

There is no difference between the trial and a fully-licensed version of LightBurn other than the time you have to use it.

Does your ‘Cut Settings Editor’ window look like this by chance? Well everything except for the RED highlight at the top.

If so, ‘Beginner Mode’ may have inadvertently turned ON (green). You will want to turn that OFF (red) by clicking on the ‘Gears’ icon near the top-center of the LightBurn screen.

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Click the ‘Upload’ button when using the post editor.


Drag and drop and cut and paste works here as well.

Hands down you guys are the BEST!! IF I have a software question you have an answer! Keep up the great work!!!
looks like I"m buying the license soon!!
Thanks again for all the help!!

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