Engraving shifts 1/2 way threw a job

I have a 50 watt white and blue. Just to day when engraving a font with fill, about 1/2 way up the seems to shift to the right. I messed around with different speeds from 90-150 mm the slower the speeds the better it was. But 90 is not very fast. I had a K40 with C3D and it was better and faster. My belts are adjusted. And it does not mater where it is positioned on the bed. Thank you.

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Can you say what the other settings were for the engraving? If you send something with really high DPI, sometimes it can cause shifting if it’s being sent while it’s engraving. It’s also possible that the acceleration values in the machine settings are too high, as that can cause shifting too.

Can you show a picture of what the result looks like?

Thank you. I was able to find another discussion that talked about the acceleration and lowered my values and it seems to be good. It was just a font engraving. Thanks for the reply.

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