Engraving Slate

Just thought I would share my experience today whilst using my laser machine.
I was engraving a slate house plaque today, and sprayed the slate with clear lacquer, as I usually do, before engraving, however I forgot to change the settings to fill for the text layer, and it was set on “line”, I was too late to realise my mistake and so re-engraved with the “fill” setting.
The result was as shown in the photos, it looks as if the lacquer has been melted by the “line” setting, I quite like the look of the end result. I then sprayed another coat of lacquer since this sign will be outside.


It does look nice… punches it up a bit. But question… outside with plain lacquer? Shouldn’t you use Spar Polyurethane for outside? Has UV sun blockers. Lacquers usually don’t.

Thanks, did not know that, interesting, thanks for the information