Engraving text.only engraves part of a letter then quits

Hi I am fred16 using3018 pro grbl +windows 10 with lightburn software trial 2weeks in. Worked fine for for a few projects .now when I send text to the machine it engraves only a small part of a letter then quits.
Is anyone able to help? I am very inexperienced .

Can you describe what’s happening in a bit more detail? Do you see any messages in the console when it quits? Does anything else happen?

It could be a brown-out, which is high power draw causing the power to the controller to drop low enough for it to lose the connection, which kills the laser, and then the power comes back up and it wakes up again. This is also commonly caused by poor grounding or electrical noise.

Hi thanks for the reply, checked out the connections and restarted machine ,it worked fine.
When I combined an image with the text the problem returned, (error 20), i had an image with the text last time too . Do you think the image is the problem?
Thanks for your assistance.

GRBL error 20 is “Unsupported or invalid g-code command found in block"

That most likely means that you have a bad USB connection to the controller - a loose wire, or electrical interference with the connection. Engraving an image sends a massive amount of gcode to the controller, compared to running simple vector jobs, so if you have a problem, running an image is a good way to find it.

Hi all my problems have been solved, it is a great program and I have updated to the paid version.
Thanks for your assistance

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