Engraving this image - Settings suggestions please?


I’m about to engrave this image on oak for a job I have been asked to do. It’s the reason I have bought the Eleksmaker A3 Pro 2500mw machine. I am completely new to lightburn and laser engraving so any suggestions as to settings in lightburn or general tips to get the best result would be appreciated. Is it a good idea to split this into two layers? One for the shield and one for the text?

Any help appreciated


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Since this image is almost perfectly black & white, I would suggest using threshold instead of any of the dithering modes. I would try running at 300dpi, 90% power, 4500 mm/min (75mm/sec) as a starting point. Do a small sample to see how that looks, and adjust as necessary before doing the final piece.

Thanks. Gives me a starting point. I did try it in EleksCAM for a quick go but it ended up burning the detail on the shield. That’s why I thought of separating the lettering from the shield.


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