Engraving too low

We just bought a few Chinese laser machines a few months ago and put them in production we use Light Burn for the software to send the job to the laser and Adobe illustrator to generate the text and basic images. We engrave on silicone wristbands and the wristbands are attached to a jig that is secure to the bed of the machine. Came in today and the operators were saying the image is too low. The art department is using the same templates that they’ve been using for a few months without an issue. I don’t know if there is a setting in lightburn that may have been messed with or we have other issues.

Can you provide a picture so I can understand the issue more clearly? There is no “move my images a little” setting in LightBurn, so I suspect that you are having mechanical slipping of the steppers or gantry between layers, but it’s hard to tell from just your description.

I tried my laptop on the engraver it has not been hooked up since the induction of the machine and it looks like it’s working. Install it back on the original laptop and it prints too low again here is a picture the top one is the original the bottom one is my laptop

Think I have it working now looks like somebody changed the settings on the operator computer.

Is there any way to lock it out so all they can do is print

Save as RD files and only let them send those. Otherwise, no. What setting was changed that would do this?