Engravings that are bigger than the work space. Is there a Passthrough?

How will lightburn burn this image?

LightBurn does provide several things to help with this but does not provide a single, specific tool to assist you with oversized jobs. You will need to have a way to register your workpiece and you will need to divide this project into multiple jobs. This procedure can be difficult to initially dial in as re-registering an existing job has its challenges. You might consider the integration of the LightBurn camera into your process to help as well. Laser manufactures offer these openings in the cabinetry and promote being able to work larger materials, but this is not as easy to pull off as the marketing would have us believe.

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Would the camera be able to do a line up with the precision necessary? I have a Boss 3655 so I think I’d need the 90 degree camera and it’ll be around 1200mm from the bed.

The camera could do it, or you could do something like this as well:

That’s how I used to line up huge jobs with my CNC machine - create a regular pattern of small circles and use them to line up the work as you run it. (the circles shown here are larger than you’d want)

You’d run this first:

Then this:

And use the two circles highlighted in red for alignment. Jog the laser to each one in turn, and make sure the corresponding circles from the previous cut are in the correct spot. The current version of LightBurn has these:


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