Enjoywood E-20 Issues With LightBurn

So, i’m assisting my stepdad in setting up his Enjoywood e20 DIY laser engraver with 20w laser. I for the life of me cannot get this thing to connect to Lightburn. GRBL works fine. Just Lightburn doesn’t work. Please any help would be amazing. I have discord or what ever i need to get assistance.

Make sure LaserGRBL is closed and not connected when you try to connect using LightBurn, or LightBurn will be unable to connect.

In LightBurn, under “Edit” > “Device Settings”, try toggling the “Enable DTR Signal” switch. If it’s off now, turn it on, and if it’s on now, turn it off.

If that doesn’t help, we have a number of additional suggestions on our connection troubleshooting page:

Ok, so i’ve done everything that’s been said on this entire site i’ve seen so far. With no fix. I’ve tried different USB cable, Mind you it works perfectly fine on Laser GRBL. So any assistance would be awesome.

Do this for us

  • Edit → device settings
    Open and take a screenshot
  • Edit - Settings - screenshot
  • Devices on laser pannel - double click your device. what Controller is used. take a screenshot

Will do brother one moment. I didn’t mess with anything in the device settings except the DTR to make sure baud rate was correct.

So, they just released a update for LightBurn. I updated And we are now functioning i appreciate all of your help. How do i close this post?

Normally you can mark the answer and then it will be “closed”
However, not sure miracles fit the bill!

Somthing odd happened there but i am glad its fixed!
a) take screenshots of your settings, and device settings for future reference
b) take note of your com port

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