Error 9, Alarm 2, Dropping Machine Code mid print

I have a Ortur Pro, I have given up on the rotary until I can get these other issues/ problems fixed.

  1. It will Hone home
  2. 4.25”x 4.25” square for my white painted white tile
  3. Job Origin: User Origin (lower center)
  4. I can initially set my laser position, line it up, switch back & forth between moving my layer and setting the position but the framing no longer works.
  5. Image added:

Image is well within the boundaries of the tile and when I go to burn I get a pop up. Alarm 2. Asking why am I not using Absolute Coordinates.

  1. I re Home
  2. Set the Job Origin: Absolute Coords
  3. Align is the same with the fire button
  4. Start - I get another Alarm 2, the only difference is it’s not a pop up stating I need Absolute Coordinates, it’s in the Console Log. And instead of the laser head flying off to the left at about the 2 inch mark it just stops.

Any suggestions. I also tried my wife’s laptop (Win 7) same results. Anyone having these problems and have you found a resolve.

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