Error after renewing my existing license key

I just paid for the renewal, and that seemed to go well. Thanks for the updated pricing.

I opened LIghtBurn 0.9.04 and it says ‘your license has expired’, then in the License Key box it says ‘License Expired’, with an Activate New License button

I copy and paste my key from my original purchase email, then press the Activate button, and I get the ‘product key has expired / tampered with’ error. If I click OK, I get the ‘License Activation Failed - be sure your license key is correct’ error.

I’ve gone back and re-copied/ pasted thinking I grabbed some spaces or something, but I get the same result.

Any thoughts?

“Product key has expired” isn’t an error if your product key has expired. It’s just letting you know. If you click ‘Ok’, you can keep using the software. License renewals are semi-manually processed, and can take a day or so to propagate through to the software. (It’s been done now, so re-activating should work)

I’ll double check the flow for re-licensing with an expired key. That is obviously supposed to work.

Looks good!
I just opened it up and I’ve got 363 days left.
I didn’t know it was semi-manual… maybe I just needed some patience. :wink:

Thanks for the help!

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