Error Code Filling/Scanning a portion of .svg image

Hi there,
I am a new LightBurn user and have hit my first puzzle. I am attempting to kettle with some foliage around it. I want to scan/fill only the handle of this kettle. What I’ve been attempting to do is separate the handle and close the open end using a line. Then reattach it to the kettle but in a different layer set to “fill,” which is the red layer below. My original file is a SVG.

I so far only get an error code that says my shape isn’t closed. I haven’t been able to correct this by editing the nodes.

Here are my settings:

Is there a way for me to accomplish shading the handle while leaving the rest of the kettle empty?
Perhaps I should also say that I’m using a 2500mW diode GRBL laser.


Make sure the lines defining the handle are one continuous closed shape, not a couple different shapes whose ends happen to touch. You can select the lines that make up the handle and use Edit > Auto Join Selected Shapes to make sure they’re connected (assuming they’re close enough).

Thanks for the speedy reply. I’ve tried the AutoJoin feature but not had any success with it. I’ve also tried just tracing a line all the way around. When you say “assuming they’re close enough,” wouldn’t it be a visible gap?

UPDATE: What you were saying finally clicked in my brain. I zoomed in really close and realized there was an extra line segment right on top of the others. I could really only tell because part of the selected outline was traveling the opposite direction as the rest of the outline… now I know!


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