Error de inicio sculpfun s9 (sculpfun s9 startup error)

Me sale este mensaje al intentar mover mi láser

I get this message when trying to move my laser

GRBL1.1h(“$” para obtener ayuda)
(MSG:“$H”/“$X” para desbloquear)
(MSG:Precaución: Desbloqueado)

There is no error. Looks fine. You can send $X in the console window to clear the block, but I still think your limit switches don’t work as expected.

Please write in English or use a translator and post it here. It’s a pain to translate everything.

One of the GRBL configurations starts ‘Locked’.
Your laser is unlocked which is also good.
We can check this by asking how it’s configured with the ‘Info’ report, $i

In the Console window please type the following:
then press enter.

Please copy and paste that information into a reply here.
I am curious about the configuration of the device.

I am quite happy to continue to transliterate posts with Google Translate.
We’ve considered automation for this but errors could be dangerous.

I’d rather capture descriptions in abundant, clear, confident ‘First Languages’ than softened or diluted attempts at English. The online translate tools are good but they’re not great. I had a Dutch term change meaning as the sentence completed and the translator missed it. If I didn’t have the knowledge and the original I would not have caught the error.

Sure, automated translation can be dangerous, I agree.

I don’t agree here. Usually, I don’t understand those foreign languages. It doesn’t matter if the other one (not talking personally about you, Edward :slight_smile: ) uses Google Translate which changes the meaning of the sentence or me using Google Translate getting the same translation. As long as I don’t know the other language, I will never notice. Even more, the chances if the asking person is using the translation and if he might also be at least a little capable of reading English, the error will be more likely detected by him. I have no chance to detect. You were only able to detect because you knew Dutch. This would only work if you have a native speaker that is capable of English to check all translations for that language. Impossible, I think.

The best option might be to post both languages directly. Writing in any other language than English, I do consider as impolite because someone is asking me for help and even requires me to do extra work of translation. That’s why I never write in German, I would consider this as impolite too.

And a final remark: the translation of is notably better than Google Translate. I recommend using that one. You can translate complete documents, and it’s very close to native language.

I can only speak to my experience. I do not know Dutch. Knowledge of Context allowed me to detect the translation error.

Fully agreed, and happy to continue to translate. I will test with If it overcomes some of the transliteration errors it will certainly help.

I’m fine. Just puzzled me today, maybe I had too many translations to do :slight_smile:
Usually, I don’t care and if it gets too much for me, I can stop answering questions anytime anyway :wink:

Then let’s go back to the original problem :slight_smile:

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