Error Message when attempting photo engraving

I have a 60 watt, Chinese laser. Running the Ruida controller by USB cable. I am attempting to engrave a photo onto painted tile using Lightburn. The settings are image 200/30. I set the origin then check the frame. All it good. When I press the start button I get an error message: “Need more overshotting or larger acceleration.” Any ideas? Suggestions?

Not sure but you could try raising the ‘overscanning’ in ‘cuts/layers’

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You need to move your work farther from the edge of your workspace.
When raster engraving the laser head needs to overshoot the edge of your work so it has room to slow down, stop, reverse direction and get up to speed at the beginning of the next line. Depending on your speed and acceleration settings you may need several inches of “overshoot” space.


He’s got a Ruida controller and overscanning is handled by the controller and user doesn’t get to change it.


Hank, thanks. I figured out that was the problem. I am accustomed to CNC work where that is not an issue. Moving the part and changing the Origin solved it.

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