Error Processor Architecture

Im trying to install LB but Im catching the error " This program may be only installed on windows versions with the processor architecture x64 itanium"
Im running windows 10

My guess is that you downloaded the 64 bit version and are trying to run it on a 32 bit machine?

i tried both 64 and 32, when i did the 32 i was to download but not execute, said i was missing a bunch of files

Tell me what those are and I can likely help. I’m assuming it’s a Microsoft DLL.

C:\Program Files\LightBurn\vcredist_2010_x86.exe

CreateProcess failed code 2

You can download that from here:

And thank you - That file was missing from the 32 bit installer, so I’ve added it, and the next release will correct this.

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ive downloaded that link and now im getting “VCRUNTIME140.dll” as an error

Install this:

It’s already on most systems, and usually handled by Windows Update.