Error say I’m out of bounds. Where are those bounds

Error says I’m out of bounds. Where is inbounds.

Inbounds would be anywhere inside a defined 3D space. In your case, this space is defined in the firmware parameters of your Ortur. Then, you need to ensure LightBurn knows what you have set up in firmware, so they match. We have a warning in LightBurn we set as default, telling you if you have output that will ask your system to try and move outside the boundary set. You can turn that warning off, but this only stops these warnings. It does not resolve the issue of trying to send the laser beyond the bounds.

You can set to output only selected items, so you can have stuff dropped all over, and only the selected objects will output. If the object is close to the bounds, remember some jobs will require additional travel to slow for direction change. If there is not enough room to turn around, you will be presented with this message. Move the art further away from the edges or slow down, thus requiring less overshoot.

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