Error selecting image


I have 2 computers with lightburn installed, they are always updated with the latest version of lightburn.
however I have a computer that I can’t select just one design.
if I select 1 drawing and I have 2 on the work area, pressing the preview button always shows the 2 drawings.

do you know what’s going on?

Have you enabled “Cut Selected Graphics”?

If so, full screenshot of LightBurn please.

hi Berainlb,

i can have a design with diferent layers, i choice just one layer, and on the preview it will give me the full design

Screenshot or .lbrn file please.

iman-porta-chaves.lbrn2 (175.5 KB)

there you go

hello Berainlb,

i have found the error, its was my fault.
it was the button cut select graphics like you said, but my lightburn its on another langague lol thank for you atention to my problem
be safe

Okay. Good news. You confused me because I saw that it was working.

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