Error when overwriting a file on controller

FWIW I’m getting the same error when trying to write over a program already in the machine. Say I make a small power update to a program and save as the same file name, it first gives me this “Machine busy or paused” error, then I send again and it gives the same error a 2nd time, but then the 3rd time I send it it goes through, but doesn’t warn me that the file already exists. It’s like it deletes the file on send #2 and then writes a brand new file on send #3.

This seems to be a new problem in 9.18

This is on standard Ruida controller

Which version were you running before? 0.9.17 and 0.9.18 made no changes at all to Ruida communication, so I don’t think it’s the version. Do you store a lot of files on your controller? (or do you have a few large ones?) Ruida controllers get really weird when they’re close to full.

We went basically from 9.16 - 9.18. We do store many programs in the machine so you’re right it might just be coincidence and it’s nearing full!

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