Error " You do not have any shapes in your project to set to output "

I have received this error with files that I have previously cut along with a new one I am trying to cut. I have it set to output and tried to “Line” and “Fill” and “Fill+Line” to no avail. I have reinstalled the program and had success on one file then error came up again. I turned off " cut selected graphics " and seems to work now. I find this strange as I am pretty sure it has always turned on.


Please provide a full screenshot of your LightBurn window (an actual screenshot from the computer, not a cell phone pic).

That message is pretty black-and-white. If you have cut-selected-graphics enabled, and haven’t actually selected anything on the screen, LB has nothing to send to the laser.

Whoop, missed that last sentence. Yes, having Cut Selected Graphics enabled without actually selecting anything, or not having any layers checked for output, are 2 very common culprits.

The wording of this message is being changed to better clarify why you are warned and will be in the next release.

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