Error22 after upgrading


i have the same problem like in this post

I m running GRBL 1.1e and I m having this issue:
Starting stream
On or near line 4:
Stream completed in 0:00
[MSG:Pgm End]

I tried it with an older Version 0.6.04 Beta and it works

.With the 0.9.16 or with 0.9.07 it dont work.

Can you help? is there a solution?

“error:22” : _(“Feed rate has not yet been set or is undefined.”)

Click ‘Save GCode’ and save the code to a text file, then open it in notepad and copy the first ten lines here.

In my case the problem was a .png image was out of the boundaries, but only the empty backgruond.
The preview showed nothing but LightBurn still tried to engrave. The solution was to bring the whole image back to the grid laser boundaries.

There’s a toggle switch in the settings to change this:

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