Errors updating, cut moves slow after updating

I had errors when trying to update to 0.9.19. I looked in the forum and read to uninstall and then install the update. I did so and it worked, However, now when i go to cut the head travels super slow. i even went up to 200mm/sec to see and it still looks like its moving a 3mm/sec. I don’t know what changed. I cut a 50x50mm square and the dimensions are ok. Also, when setting the power to 1 % the tube lights up like it is at 100%. This update has BROKEN my laser. I don’t know how to fix this. Iv tried rolling back but now I get errors installing and get the message that lightburn was unsuccessfully uninstalled. Re installed the update and the laser still malfunctions.

Which version were you running before? Very little changed from 0.9.18 to 0.9.19 (and even from 9.17 to 9.18 the changes were small).

You say the head travels super slow - do you have tabs or perforations enabled, maybe? (if they were, and the spacing was really small, it could affect the speed, as could ‘Dot mode’)

No tabs. It started running slow and at 22mamps even when set to 2 percent power. I uninstalled and deleted the folder in program files. Com surrogate was running and I couldn’t delete the folder until I used task manager to stop the com surrogate running. I went back to 0.9.18. and ran a square at 20 mm/sec. Looked like it ran ok. It’s bedtime for me though.

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