ETA on the next release of Lightburn? :P

Thank you guys for the best laser engraving software ever! I love Lightburn!

I’m just wondering when the next set of features are going to come out. Back in April we got a teaser for the “text to path” function which I could really use for an upcoming project.

Also the editing/moving of multiple nodes at one time will be a great time saver!

Again, thanks!

Best we can offer you is “soon”. We are currently doing internal testing of a release candidate, and it is looking solid. But we will not commit to a date as issues can arise and we will not want to release a less than ready version.

Oh, and yes, the ‘Apply Path to Text’ feature is coming along nicely. Planned for the next release. :wink:


As Rick says, I don’t really give hard dates - we have a handful of people testing the pending release, but there are still a few loose ends with the text on path stuff.

The feature itself works well, and now I have to catch all the weird edge cases that happen when you try to scale / move / rotate the text once it’s attached to a path, or group it, or … … well, all the other stuff I didn’t think of. :slight_smile:

I was hoping to have it out this week, but it’ll be “when it’s ready”.


Hi OZ & the team, I think everyone is patiently waiting for the big release of the text to path, and I’m sure it will be worth the wait :+1:t2: I just wondered when my renewal date is and payment due, I’ve only paid once and had the license for a while, you must be due a payment from me, please advise on this. Cheers, and good luck for the launch of text to path, it will be exciting, Ray :+1:t2::blush:

Hi Ray - You can run the software and go to Help > License Activation and Trial and it’ll tell you how long you have left before you need to renew. You should have a couple months yet - I extended the licenses of everyone who bought LightBurn early by an extra 6 months, but I should have the renewal stuff up on the site reasonably soon.

Not sure if I replied back to you Oz, but thanks for the renewal advise, I’m sure we will get a reminder as soon as it’s due, I’ll pay as soon as you need it Oz, keep up the great work you guys are doing, I’m well pleased with your product and progress.

Best software on the market for me, just great and easy to learn.

Regards Ray Massey, UK :uk:

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