Etch border then cut outline?


I am trying to make a clear perspex window pane to fit an opening in a plastic enclosure so that an LED display will show through.

The pane will have a very slightly recessed border so that it locates in the opening in the enclosure top.

I can make the inner rectangle the size of my opening and offset it outwards 3mm to get the border, but how to get the laser to etch just the border, and then cut round the outer rectangle?

I’ve been trying boolean operations but so far without success…

Any help here would be most appreciated.

After you create the offset / outer border, make that outer border its own line layer with speed and power appropriate for cutting through the material.

The inner border that you want to etch (vector engrave) needs to be on a different line layer with less power or faster speed to etch rather than cut through.

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