Etching Fill starting bent

Hi there,

I have recently upgraded my laser cutter with some better hardware and controlers in order to use LightBurn and for better performance.

I have been having issues with the etching or fill where there is origin drift or some sort of slip in the x axis. I have made adjustments to the controller settings, reducing speed, acceleration and such parameters which has not improved the issue. I have set the PWM rising edge valid which improved some of the problem. However I am still getting drift during the initial portion of the etching. You can see the shape on the left which had the bigger drift error before I set the PWM to rising for the shape on the right. However if you look at the second image you can see I am still getting drift during the first 10mm or so of the etch.

There is likely something loose in the X axis between the motor and the laser beam that gradually finds an equilibrium position as the engraving continues.

I’d start by checking the belt tension: the initial move to the start of the engraving would snug the belt one way, after which the back-and-forth would distribute the slack in both directions.

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