Etching glass speed or passes?

When etching glass is multiple passes better or is it better to go slower? and what are the effects of each, I’m currently using a 5 watt manual focus but usually use a fixed focus. I am new to glass I have done a lot of cutting of materials and other processes but not etching until recently.

Diode, CO2, Fiber, or I.R.? It makes a difference. With your plethora of machines, I am guessing 5w diode.

  1. You have to coat the glass with something. Glass is clear to a diode laser.
  2. One pass. Once you smoke the coating and fracture the glass underneath, a second pass will do nothing.
  3. One setting will not work for all glass. Some is harder than others. Think drinking glass and bottle glass.
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Already been coating the glass, and been altering the settings. Blue diode

My settings for 10w diode, Dry erase Marker coating…

Hard Glass, bottle, shot, mirror glass, etc.:
300 DPI
1 Pass

Soft Glass, drinking, wine, margarita, window pane glass, etc.:
318 DPI
1 Pass