Etching not completing shape

Hi there, I’ve finally started using my laser to etch a smiley face on a wine glass. It’s super simple but it doesn’t seem to “complete” etching the full circle, and rather comes out flat on the bottom of the smiley. Please let me know what I’m doing wrong – sorry to be tedious, total noob here :)) Everything looks fine and completely as it should look on the UI and on playback from the etching preview.

Please halp :')

I’m using Atomastack A5 Pro Plus

This sounds like a mechanical issue - check to make sure your belts are tight, the wheels are not snagging anywhere, the laser head is mounted firmly and not wobbling, all your stepper pinions are snug, none of the set screws are loose, and that there is no dirt or debris on the rails. With your machine off, you should be able to roll the laser head smoothly across the rails.

YES! I tightened the belt and this fixed it :smiley: thanks so much!

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