Etching Silicon Rubber Gloves

I have a question for settings to engrave some Silicon Rubber gloves (Pot Holders). We want to engrave a logo on these, and not sure where to start. The rubber is about 1.1 mm thick, so I don’t want to burn through.



I’d get some cheap silicone rubber and run some burn tests on them. From some googling it’s going to take testing to find the right settings.

You don’t say what wattage your laser is in your profile.

You can get silicone rubber sheet in various thicknesses and widths from McMaster-Carr (in the US) and Amazon sells silicone film or sheet that is around 1 mm thick. Either of those might make good candidates for initial testing.

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Well - gave it a shot - 300mm speed and about 7watts of power and it worked great !!

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