Ethernet for Topwisdom

Oz, any progress on compatibility with Topwisdom over Ethernet? I’d love to wirelessly burn :⁠-⁠). Thanks for great software!

The Lightburn bridge is for the Ruida, but if you have an internet connection I purchased a $12 t-link bridge from amazon and it worked until the Lightburn bridge came out… OK… it’s up to $19…

If you can connect directly via your network over Ethernet to your Topwisdom controller, I would think it would work with a regular wireless bridge …


Oz mentioned in another post that he was working on getting compatibility with Topwisdom Ethernet. Just wondering if he has succeeded and will be releasing it in a new update. Currently I don’t think Ethernet works.

TopWisdom’s Ethernet connection was weird when I looked at it last. I haven’t attempted it again since, but I’ll see if I can find the controller and take another look. They aren’t terribly popular, and only the 403C has the network connection.

Thank you for looking into it. It seems like a number of larger Chinese machines use them. I know I would like to be able to use this functionality without having to upgrade my whole controller. The functionality of the laser is fine except for this feature.

Let me know if I can be helpful

Oz did you locate a Topwisdom controller?

It’s only been a day, and it’s Saturday… Give them time…

If you work 7 days a week, that’s ok, but I want these guys to have their time off… pays off big time in the end…


You are very correct. That was my mistake. I was actually afraid I would forget to ask later. No rush. Whenever you have time.

I found it, but I need to wire it up to at least power, and start poking at it.

Thank you. No serious rush but I think it would be a nice benefit to your software. It seems like a lot of Chinese companies use this controller.

How’s it looking?

I did a pass over it, but it’s not simple, and we have a whole host of other things going on that are higher priority. I might poke at it now and then, but I wouldn’t expect it soon.

Ok. Thanks for trying.

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