Etsy SVG file blinking on and off

Downloaded a SVG file fro Etsy.
Transfered the file to Lightburn but the image just blinks on and off when selected.

If you can post it or a link to it so we can examine it, it would help…

Might want to clarify what you mean here…


The file likely has a great number of very small elements. It appears to flash because of the marching ants animation moving against all the individual elements in such a way that it mimics flashing.

Try zooming in and the individual shapes should be apparent and the marching ants visible.

Berainlb … LOL I like that … “marching ants” … good description.
I bought the SVG file on Etsy from a seller in Turkey.
Its a simple drawing of the VolksWagon trademark.
I have an order for some engraved pens from the local VW dealership.
It appears to have multiple lines on top of each other that are not joined.
Normally when you highlight a drawing the lines have that “marching ant” look and is not flashing on and off. I am not an expert with lightburn CAD and do not fully understand all the menu commands. I did work with it a bit but gave up and trashed it. Cant even trace it when it is flashing. When I try the “TV” preview it says to many broken lines to display. Bad file from someone that knows less than I do about fixing problems in SVG files. Its buyer beware with online purchases from other countries. Seller scolded me for giving him a one star rating. Found another source for the image and all is well now. Someday I will understand exactly what was wrong with that file.

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