Evenly spaced variations in power on photo engravings

I’m using an 80W OMTech CO2 dithering images in LightBurn using the “newsprint” setting, 400dpi. On each engraving I get these evenly spaced variations in power on every image. I’m not sure where to start? Power supply? Is it software related?

Try a lower DPI. I would start at 254

It can be the moire effect from the combination of speed/dpi & image ‘mode’ or pattern. If this is the case, then @ednisley advice is good…

It’s helpful to advise us of the x and/or y axes so we can orient ourselves to how you are doing this.

If you are attempting a grayscale, it’s probably not what you want… With a co2, this mode is for 3d type engraving…

What material are you using?


It’s a stretched canvas (coat of white, coat of black.) I tried using Stucki originally but didn’t care for the original results probably because of the lower power setting I was using.

I’ll run a few test patterns with a lower DPI and I’ll use a different “mode” setting.

If my tests are unsuccessful I may also try to dither the photos in imagR?

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