Every Little Helps - Perfect Circles

Since I got my machine the stepper motors have been set at 160 steps per mm.
Which was fine, but I noticed I was’nt getting perfect circles, there was always a little discrepency where the circle started and ended, they were’nt joining up properly and left a slight step in the line.
So I recalibrated them using a spreadsheet calibrator I found on Youtube.

You can fast forward to 4 minutes 9 seconds, there’s no need to watch it all.
There’s a link in the description under the video to get the spreadsheet.

The difference in the settings was tiny, from 160 for both X and Y axis to 160.091 for X and 160.084 for Y.
It may not seem a lot but it makes a great difference. I can understand it because of the tolerances in the manufacture of the motors, being mass produced they’re are all going to be slightly different. If they were all spot on accurate they would cost a lot more than they do.

The circles in this image were 10 to 60 mm and had 2 passes for each circle but done twice. So 4 passes each. This was done in Lightburn, but now it’s fine in any other porgram I use. It’s only done on MDF board but it’s the only thing I had handy.

This is the spreadsheet and quick explanation of how to do it.

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