Everythings backwards

I have two machines (both Chinese lasers). Both running identical controllers

My original machine home is top left, my new machine is top right (annoying, but hey-ho!)

If for example, I have a simple object on the left-hand side my original machine cuts it fine, if I cut the same file on my new machine it wants to cut it backwards and flipped.

Any help would be appreciated!

The flipping is inherent in the way LightBurn works with various origins. Any design created in one origin will need to be modified when moving to another origin.

You could potentially explore being able to change origin in the controller or relocate your homing switches to get this consistent.

The machine origin is always 0, 0 on the coordinate ‘grid’

Where your machine ‘homes’ determines what ‘quadrant’ you are operating within.

If it homes in the rear/left you operate in quadrant IV…


If it homes in the rear/right you are operating in quadrant III


In the simplest terms, the quadrant numbers increase from left to right in quadrant IV, whereas in quadrant III increasing numbers are from right to left, flipping the image across the Y axes…

Y numbering doesn’t change which is the ‘flip’ axes.

If you went from quadrant IV to quadrant II, the image is ‘flipped’ across the 45 deg axes between the two quadrants…

Make sense?


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