Excessive burns at the corners

As you can see in the above picture, there’s an excessive burns at the corner, is there a setting in lightburn to avoid that.

There is no settings in LB or in firmware, you have to make some test to adjust speed and power

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have you got min power set different to max power in the layer settings?

if not set min power much lower so as it slows in the corners it has the ability to reduce the power


one third of maximum power will be fine ???

so I lowered it to one thirds ,so now it’s fine…thanks for the help…appreciate it

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try it. Just do 1 letter testing. see how it works on your machine.

Overall the whole thing looks a bit heavy, but I don;t know what you want to achieve. looks like a line to me and not and Engrave as the lettering suggests so a bit confusing, but a lower power overall might also improve the look.


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