Exhaust fan control?

Is there a way to set the exhaust fan to switch on only when the laser is running? - Thanks

Like hooking up an air assist kind of when the laser is running or when the laser is switched on kinda when the laser is running?

I just hooked mine up to a toggle switch so I can turn it on and off manually any time the machine is on.
If I was going to set it up to come on manually when the laser starts, I’d probably put an “off delay” timer on it so it waits a minute to shut off after lasing has ceased to clear remaining fumes from the cabinet.

I just watched video by a guy who set his air assist and exhaust fan to turn on and off based on when the laser started and finished. It looked like a terrible execution of a concept. You want your fan spooled up and already pulling a strong draw of air through the machine before you start cutting. The cut off at the end was even worse. As Hank said, you have to let the fan continue to suck the air out of the laser for a decent amount of time after your are done cutting. In this guy’s video, you could see lots of smoke still hanging around inside the machine. The smell must have been terrible and after a few cuts with pauses in between you could see the whole room was getting visibly smokey.

Yes, that’s what I had in mind, a delayed shut-off. My Epilog laser is set up that way from the factory and it works quite well. - Thanks for the replies.

Here’s how to do that with a Ruida controller: http://atklaser.co.uk/2017/05/08/ruida-automatic-fan-upgrade-with-fan-stop-timer/

I was planning to do this, but added a simple switch while waiting for the timer and relay to arrive and it works just fine.

Awesome! - and thanks!

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