Exhaust fan on for a while after last cut

Hello! I just managed to install the Cloudray Ultimate Air Assist kit, it’s working fine. As the exhaust fan that came with my machine is very loud, I connected it with the air pump so it starts and stops with the cut and works ok (pump and fan are powered on during the job), but I need to keep them on for some seconds to clear the area after the last cut.

I know there are “Start pause time (ms)” and “End pause time (ms)”, both with “Cut Through” flags in Cut Settings Editor, but if I set them I get a waiting time before and after every shape being cut, not only the first and the last ones. Am I missing something?

I’d like to have few seconds to let the fan spin up at the start, and few seconds again to clear smoke away at the end…
Thank you :blush:

That setting is not meant for what you are trying to use it for. The start/end pause times do in fact add that delay every time the laser beam is turned on or off. This is intended to help cut through thick materials.

The only way to do this in LightBurn would be to add a small line or something on a layer that is set to zero cut power that is cut at the beginning and end of the job. So the laser will move, but not be cutting, and the air and exhaust will come on and stay on.

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You will need to install a ‘delay off’ timer on the circuit that powers the fan. These are adjustable in terms of the delay off for example 0.5 seconds to 12-minutes (that’s what mine is).
You will need a person who is competent with electrics to install it.
I am not aware of any setting in the controller (Ruida) that can control this.

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thank you for your reply, so there’s not a feature to obtain this result by software? The dummy line/shape @ 0% power could be done automatically and silently by LightBurn if we had a specific feature to turn on :slight_smile:

I opened a Feature Suggestion here, Keep air assist and fan on after last shape cut · LightBurn :wink:

I added a timed relay for this purpose… it was a pain to get installed but it worked out. The thread is still on the forum here how I did it with the help of Rick and Jeff Air assist - Delay Relay - #2 by rojhan

might be handy for you as well

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Thank you, I will take a look for sure!
A feature in LightBurn software would be very handy, with a customized setting for every material, we could setup a different delay for wood, acrylic, etc… based on how much smoke they usually make

I agree I voted the suggested feature got my upvote :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I’m keeping my fingers crossed :wink:

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