Expanding Single Line Font support

While TTF and other outline fonts have pretty well known font formats (converging into OTF), single line fonts seem to be a bit more fragmented. The SHX font support in Lightburn is one of the best things there, although the quality of available fonts is not always great (there may be a good project for curating good SHX fonts). Could we have access to the Hershey Text fonts, or licensing the EMS fonts? Windell Oskay / Hershey Text · GitLab

In addition, native support for SVG fonts (SVG Fonts – Single Line Fonts) would be great.

I’ve purchased a number of single stroke fonts, most of them seem to be double stroke fonts… :face_with_spiral_eyes:


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True single stroke fonts are fairly rare to come by, and that’s largely because of the lack of a file format standard.

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