Expired test period = all Files and database lost?

Hello! I´m a newbie…
After the testing period expired, all my files and the database is lost. I can´t find anything… Even after purchasing the licence, the files are still unvisible. I stored my files under Documents/LaserCutting… I don´t know if this folder was installed by Lightburn.
Thank you for any help!
Best regards,
Karsten “Flachzange”

Lightburn doesn’t do anything with your files after your trial or upgrade period expires.

Might want to search your disk for them …


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They will still exist, search drive for *.lbrn2 and you should find them.

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Thank you for the quick response! Nothing to find on my disk…
I don´t know what happend. So what! Tomorrow I start everything new, this time maybe a bit more professional :wink:

Might search for a .lbset extension.

Lightburn isn’t going to delete any files…

Did you pay for the gremlin option in your OS? :crazy_face:

Good luck


Generally, we say “Please don’t…” you’re adding an unnecessary step.

Open LightBurn and without starting a project, click File, click Import Prefs and select a Prefs file from when LightBurn was working and linked to your files.

This should reconnect the directories that you selected for your files. :slight_smile:

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