Export (SVG) of open paths different in 1.0 than .9x?

I have two SVGs, one exported from .9 and one from 1.0
They contain an open path.
When I import them into another program (CarbideCreate), the SVG from .9 is recognized as a path (and I can apply toolpaths to it), but the version 1.0 path is not recognized the same way, I cannot apply toolpaths to it.

I recognize that my issue is surfacing in CC, but I think the difference lies in how the export is being done. @Rick Was there a change in Lightburn re: exporting of paths (and in particular, open paths)?

I did a bit more experimentation and found that the problem only exists when exporting (to SVG) an open path that was created originally in 924.

This is less of a problem for me (actually, no problem at all) - but at least we now know what’s going on.

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