Export to GCode & Smapmaker not working

Hi folks, first timer so probably forgetting to do something here.

Have saved my first graphic on Liughtburn job to a Gcode. I want to open it in Luban but it remains greyed out and I can’t upload or import via Gcode import. I managed a workaround but I just get a black silhouette or ‘failed to parse’…what am I doing wrong?

Just spotted that Lightburn is saving as a .gc file but luban works on .nc files…how can I get them to be the righ suffix?

Driving me mad!

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They’re equivalent, you can rename the suffix.
This one’s Snapmaker’s fault, they assume you’ll be using their software. Use the suffix .gcode if it’s 3D printing, .nc for lasers, .cnc for the router. I’ve got one myself and find that it hides files that aren’t for the tool it has equipped.
They’re all g-code, look the same in a text editor. Snapmaker just uses the extension to decide which ones are for which tool, so it can hide the 3D printing ones when you’ve got the laser equipped, etc.

One other Snapmaker bug I should mention, if you haven’t seen anything about this before. Don’t use run boundary on Snapmaker’s touch controller on files made by Lightburn.

That’s the only issue here, the files do run just fine. The issue is that while the firmware does execute relative coordinates (how Lightburn works) just fine, the part that generates the perimeter check doesn’t. Personally I write a custom perimeter check in Lightburn by drawing a rectangle around the project and setting it to cut at .5% power @ 60mms with a delay at the end.
I’d be glad to chat more about setting this up if you like

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Oh interesting - I did use Perimeter Check on the touch controller after setting the origin. What firmware version do you have? I have a fairly recent one - from probably 3 weeks ago. Maybe they fixed or improved it?

One quirk I did find while running boundary - you need to Set the Origin first, or it will run, then return to the old origin, and you’ve lost your work centering the design.

Really? Weird. I was having issues with this again just the other day (forgot and hit the perimeter check by mistake)
What origin did you set Lightburn to use? I have mine center the image around the work origin.

Updated to v1.12.1_20310419

Yup, same - Lightburn origin is center of the work piece.

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