Export to SVG problem

Im having an export problem.

I can create intricate, layered designs in Lightburn that cut/score beautifully…but when I go to Export & choose SVG, it does not export my file as designed. When I open/import the svg in Inkscape, it exports the exterior cut line, and shows the other layers very faint, grayed out.

What am I doing wrong, or what is wrong with this process? How should I go about exporting a Lightburn creation to another file type? It lists SVG, AI & DXF…but I have tested both the svg in Inkscape & the Ai file format & neither are good working files.


I suspect you’re doing nothing wrong and this is how exports are done from LightBurn but hard to say without looking at it.

Are you able to attach a sample .lbrn file where this is happening? Or else screenshots of LightBurn and Inkscape.

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