Exporting DXF with lines AND arcs

Does anyone have the name of an old CAD program that opens AI files that converts any bezier data to arcs, and maintains any arc information that is in an AI file?

I used to use an old program called Bezarc from a company called Kandu Software. Their main program was called Cadmover, and it was popular in the diemaking and packaging industry 30 years ago. According to their website, Bezarc will still run under Windows 10. You can send him a sample file if you want to see the translation to DXF. I downloaded the demo of Bezarc, and it ran under my Windows 10 system as Windows 8. The demo version won’t save anything, but gives you an idea of how it works. I was able to open an AI CS3 file with it. Not sure how high of a version of AI it will support. Had no problem opening an AI exported from Lightburn.

Bezarc give you 3 options when exporting to DXF.

The cost is $459. Might be worth it to send an example file to him if you need to do this a lot. I needed it a long time ago. It worked well, because 2 of the export formats are specific to packaging and diemaking - CF2 and DDES2.


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Perfect! Thanks, Ralph. You were actually the one who inspired my question. I tried direct messaging you, but your profile’s not set up for that.

I think a coworker actually has Bezarc!


You are welcome. I just turned on messaging. Didn’t know it was turned off, so thank you.

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