Exporting halftone images

I am totally new to Lightburn and am just setting up my 40wt CO2 laser. The software seems very powerful and I am excited for this new journey.

That said I use Adobe PS and AI in the creation of glass etching projects - which also require halftone images. Lightburn appears to offer a much more sophisticated halftoning process.

My question is: Can processed halftone images be exported or printed with a standard printer, as well as the laser?

I realize this is outside of the scope of the software’s intended uses - but it would be a great bonus to get have this additional capability to further enhance the other branch of may personalization business.

You can save the processed bitmap by Right-click on image->Save Processed Bitmap or accessing File->Save Processed Bitmap after selecting the image.

I am not certain but I don’t believe printing from LightBurn prints the “processed” version of the bitmap.

Thank you that was very helpful!

Previously I had only found the save image in the preview screen which was a smaller image that still showed some grayscale dots when opened in PS.

Glad that works. Note that the save image in preview is actually saving the preview image with all that accompanies it, not just the processed image itself.

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