Exporting to SVG

When exporting a project to an SVG to use with other tools, the SVG ends up being a large black image. It appears that every shape is being exported but its not taking into consideration if that shape is suppose to be subtracted form another shape. For example a letter like “A” has both a fully filled shape and a smaller shape for the inside that is suppose to be removed. I have tried welding, grouping, etc before exporting and have the same results everytime. Can you please advise on what steps i should take to be able to properly export to SVG so the file will look identical to the lightburn project

Thank you for reporting this. This is a known issue with a resolution defined. Now for the time to implement, that is another issue. :slight_smile: But we are aware and working on it.

So if I understand correctly, there is a fix for it but it has not been implemented into a new release yet?

We know what needs to be done to address and correct this behavior, yes. I do not know when we can expect to see this rolled into a release.

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