Exposure control

You should be able to yes. I’ll check with one here, but if there’s a way you can move the camera closer to (and more directly above) the bed it would help as well. Can you show a picture of how you have it mounted from the side, pulled back a bit so we can see the lid / door of your machine? Gordon’s image above is a good example of the ideal.

I moved it to the lowes location where I can see the whole bed but same thing / the yellow circle, the green is current location/

The focus is the best I can do with this camera. It looks like the lens needs to be screwed more in but it is not allowing me to screw it any more than that. I can unscrew it but it defocus even more/

Do you think I will have better luck with 60 degrees lens?

The bed is 960x600 mm and the distance from where the camera is to the bed is 41"

I’ll pull one later today and see what the focus looks like for me.

Did you manage to try it out

I did - items in the center of the view were in focus at over a meter away. Items toward the edge of the field of view were slightly blurred, but that was it. I’ll look into exposure control, but I think if you can even out the lighting within the view it will improve.

The camera is listed as F 2.8 which is quite open aperture. If I remeber correct smaller F number = shalower depth of field si the focus has to be kind of precise in order to get sharp image. May be another turn of the lens will do it but it simply doesn’t turn anymore. I am thinking of ordering another camera from you but not sure if it has to be another 90 degrees or I can do it with 60. 90 is wider than 60. Wider lens =deeper depth of field but smaller area in the frame so if there is hardware issue with focusing mine and 60 will cover my work table I can give it a try

What do you think - let me know and I will place an order

There’s quite a difference between the 90 and 60 in terms of mounting distance. The 60 degree lens would need a 45" mounting height to see the entire bed. If you’re OK with clipping a little off the sides, I suspect it would give you better accuracy, but I can’t guarantee that. If possible, I’d suggest trying to take the 90 and mounting it more toward the middle of the lid (where you drew the yellow circle). If you can get it closer, it should help both with focus and with the exposure.

The trioth is it is about the same as a result. I mounted it there and in order to scan the calibration target /the one which has to be cut/ I had to play with light and still hard to recognize targets. Tracing something off the canera is not going to happen.

I will place order for another 90 and if you can send me the one you tested and found that is working properly it would be great

I would try first to get the lighting even - I worry that you’ll get another camera and have relatively similar results if your lighting is really blown out.

Well, i have some shop lights installed and the light bar in the machine. Not sure how to aproach it. From my tests the light has to be dimmed in order to start showing the image but still blowed out and out of focus. The only way to het anything different than white rectangle on the test target is to turn off the machine and cover the ambient light or turn off all the lights and then to use my phone flash as light source but still not even close to good image. I can’t t work in dark

Let me see if I have access to the exposure controls first. I’d hate for you to get another one only to have the same issues.

I appreciate your efforts.

any updates on this?

Despite evidence to the contrary, I am human and only have one set of hands. I’ve been busy managing the issues that have arisen from the release. It’ll likely be a few days.

I saw it in writing…

With the risk to upset you again any update?

I finally gave up trying to get my camera on focus. Out of focus combined with overexposure renders camera un useful - can’t even do the burn and scan calibration

any news regarding overexposure issue?

I have looked through the controls that the camera exposes, and tried other software as well - it appears that auto exposure is all that this camera supports.

I’ve done some testing with the camera and found that the auto-exposure control seems to have an upper limit of light that it can handle, beyond which it does blow out. If you can reduce the lighting , or make it more even, it helps, but too much light will cause issues.

Not the answer I wanted but it is better than no answer :slight_smile:
Thank you fir all the work you do