Extended LM3 y axis not framing or homing properly

Just started a new project. Went to frame it and there was very noisy slippage on the y axis so the gantry did not move to the proper location. I followed the instructions and tightened the belts (although can’t find any info on correct belt deflection etc). When I went to frame the problem was worse. I then homed and the x axis moved to the correct position but the y axis didn’t. I manually homed the gantry but each time I press home the gantry moves a little up the y axis and won’t return to the proper home location. I can jog up but when I try to jog down I get an alarm stating that I am trying to move the laser out of it’s limits. when I manually home the gantry and try to frame, it is very noisy and doesn’t move on the y axis at all. It almost seems like the acceleration rate is way too for certain commands even though I have not changed any values.

Okay, so not sure if this was a false alarm or not. I wondered if the belts had developed a ‘flat spot’ so I took them off, moved them about a foot along and refitted them. Whilst there is nothing obvious on the belts that might cause them to slip, when I restarted the machine, it performed exactly as it should?? If anyone would like to comment, please do as it would still be helpful. Hopefully, I will not have to edit this post any more. Many thanks.

When installing extension frames it seems a lot of providers leave out one critical step, you need to adjust the max y travel setting to new larger size so it will home in one movement, I am not at a computer near my lasers but from memory it is either $130=new distance or $131=new distance.

Hi Chris, if you are talking about adjusting the workpiece size in the machine settings, that was an earlier issue I had when I first fitted the extensions. That problem was solved. I’m guessing this must have been a good old-fashioned glitch because it is, for the moment anyway, runing the project perfectly. It is also homing and jogging as it should. Given what I have done, I can only assume that there is a physical issue with the belts in that I had somehow caused a a ‘flat spot’. I will order some new belts at some point but thanks for your input.

No, this is a separate setting for amount of travel, eg on a 400x400 workspace you can’t move more than 400 in a single move from home, but you can go from 100 to 500 and get an error when it gets to 400, changing the $13x to greater than 400 setting would allow it to get to 400 and keep trying to move til it THINKS it reaches what the new setting is before giving an error message, this is why sometimes when origin is set wrong the module tries to drive though the rails.

Excessively tight belts or having the gantry off-square to the frame of the engraver can promote mechanical binding. Some of your posts are closely related. I will attempt to consolidate our focus to your most recent one.