External numpad to control laser

Hi! My laser is next to the desk with the PC/Lightburn on it, and I frequently find myself clicking Frame in Lightburn and then running to my laser to see how the frame ends up on the material. If it’s a small drawing, i’m usually late.

It got me thinking for a solution and I just ordered an external numpad. Using the HIDmacros.eu application, i’ll create keyboard shortcut inputs based on the numpad-keys I press. (And yes, there will be stickers to put over the keys showing their new function). I’m going to mount the numpad on the laser, essentially upgrading it for quicker operation. I’ll post updates here.

Functions I would like to have direct access to when i’m at the laser are:

  • Frame (Alt+R)
  • Rubber-band Frame (no shortcut)
  • Focus Z (no shortcut) / I know this one is available through the Ruida UI but it’s a submenu and I hate it.
  • Start (Alt+S)
  • Stop (not very often though. no shortcut)

Any chance those functions could get a keyboard shortcut?