Extra device in FRONT of 1st mirror - new OMTech 80watt C02

I just received my OMTech AF2028-80 80 watt machine today. While installing the tube, I noticed this extra device IN FRONT of the 1st mirror. It has adjustments and even what looks like an electrical connection. It appears to then focus the beam onto the 1st mirror perhaps?? I don’t know. It is not in any documentation that I have, nor do I see it in any videos of OMTech laser tubes, etc. I am just curious if anyone know what it is and what it does.

It looks like a beam combiner

What is it for? Does it produce the red pointer and then combines it with the laser? If so, that is pretty cool since it seems it will be very precise.

Yes that’s how it works. Search YouTube for setup.

It’s a red dot pointer combined into the laser beam. Always at point of focus.

Search laser beam combiner