Extraction units recommendation

Whats everyone using. I am looking something that runs a bit more silent. I am just using the Chinese version that came with machine but its loud lol.

A number of people recommend the VivoSun inline fans, but an 8" diameter unit, instead of the 6", using couplers to reduce the diameter. The 6" versions are about 420cfm, which aren’t as powerful as the stock fan (700cfm), but the 8" units are equivalent or a little higher, and much quieter.

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I use a furnace blower similar to this one:

I mounted it in a box that lives outdoors and it’s very quiet. I don’t know the CFM rating but it moves more air through the laser than the original blower did.
The decision to use that particular item was driven by the fact that I had a used one laying around looking for a job, so I gave it one and am happy with the result.

You might try a variable speed controller like this one. I haven’t tried it myself but I have heard that it helps if you reduce the speed some.

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